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These Credit Facility Terms are to be read with, and are subject to the Agremarket App Terms. All capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them under the Terms, unless otherwise expressly defined herein. If you choose to avail Credit Facilities from our partner Lenders, these Credit Facility Terms will apply to you.


The Agremarket App

(i) allows Users who meet certain eligibility criteria to apply for and avail Credit Facilities from our partner Lenders,
(ii) facilitates User repayment of the Credit Facilities, and
(iii) allows Users to monitor their loan accounts for the Credit Facilities availed through the Platform from partner Lenders.
Agremarket is not a Lender, and not does not lend or offer Credit Facilities. Agremarket partners with Lenders in order to facilitate eligible User access to Credit Facilities. Agremarket is not a party to any Credit Facility arrangement and all  ontractual arrangement for Credit Facilities are solely between the eligible User and the partner Lender.


(a) the term “Credit Facility” or “Credit Facilities” as the context may require, refers to the line of credit facilities granted by partner Lenders to Users of the Platform who meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by the relevant partner Lender.
(b) the term “Lender” or “Lenders” as the context may require, refers to banks, non-banking finance companies and other Reserve Bank of India authorized lending institutions that offer credit facilities to eligible Users via the Platform.
(c) the term “Loan Agreement” refers to all documentation and agreements, such as the sanction letter, the ‘Most Important Loan Terms’ etc. which eligible Users must execute in order to avail Credit Facilities from partner Lenders.

Representations and Warranties

For the purposes of availing Credit Facilities from Agremarket’s partner Lenders, you hereby represent and warrant that:

  1. you understand and recognise Agremarket as merely a technology service provider facilitating the interaction between eligible Users and partner Lenders.
  2. you are (a) an Indian citizen, and (b) 18 years or above and are otherwise legally competent to enter into a binding agreement.
  3. you will inform Agremarket and/or partner Lenders of any change in your residential status.
  4. all User Information provided by, and filled in by you are true, correct, and accurate, and that you have not withheld or suppressed any material User Information.
  5. you will share any additional User Information required for the processing of Credit Facility applications.

User Application

In order for the User to be able to avail Credit Facilities, the User will need to meet certain eligibility criteria specified by the relevant partner Lender. The User must answer all questions raised on the Platform or otherwise by Agremarket in relation to the Credit Facility in an honest manner.

Agremarket may assist its partner Lenders in processing Credit Facility applications made through the Platform by collecting User Information (on behalf of partner Lenders) as required by the partner Lenders, which may include ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) data, income, User photographs, purpose of the Credit Facility, bank statements etc. Agremarket does not engage in the verification of User Information, and such verification is undertaken by partner Lenders. More details regarding the collection and processing of this information are provided in the Privacy Policy. Agremarketmay also monitor User actions associated with the Credit Facility, through the information collected from User’s loan account (i.e., account in which loan amount is transferred by partner Lenders), sales or purchases made via the Platform, successful delivery of User goods etc., by relying on the services of Third Parties.

Agremarket may forward Credit Facility applications to partner Lenders based on the metrics shared by said partner Lenders. Agremarket does not decide on the creditworthiness of any Credit Facility application made by a User. Our partner Lenders may assess the Credit Facility application and upon their sole discretion choose to not grant a Credit Facility to the
User. The partner Lender shall have the right but not the obligation to provide the reason for its decision to the User. If the partner Lenders choose to grant eligible Users a Credit Facility, the User will be required to

  • execute the Loan Agreements to the partner Lenders satisfaction, and .
  • to fulfil any other condition prescribed by the partner Lender such as granting the partner Lender a NACH mandate or the Users providing guarantees to partner Lenders for the Credit Facility, as required.

Repayment and Collection

Agremarket may, pursuant to any agreements entered into between Agremarket and its partner Lenders, assist its partner Lenders in relation to the Credit Facility provided to the eligible User, including for the collection or repayment of any fees, charges or other amounts owed to them by eligible Users in accordance with the Loan Agreement. The eligible User agrees and acknowledges that Agremarket may be required to inter alia collect or recover any sums owed to the partner Lender by the eligible User, or undertake any other actions necessary for Agremarket to fulfill its obligations to the partner Lender, pursuant to the Credit Facility provided to the eligible User. Any collection including in relation to default shall be in accordance with the Loan Agreement.

It is hereby clarified that the eligible Users shall be solely liable for all consequences associated with the eligible User’s breach of obligations in relation to the Credit Facility, including any inability to repay the borrowed amounts, and Agremarket may undertake all such actions, including as set out under the Terms, in relation to recovering such amounts.
Agremarket also reserves the right to set off and adjust any monies that are payable to the eligible User by the Agremarket, pursuant to the Terms, against any sums collected or recoverable, as applicable, from the eligible User in accordance with the Terms.

The User agrees that no authorisation letter or other documentation will be required by Agremarket to exercise any rights under this Credit Facility Terms.

Eligible User Consents and Authorisations

By clicking ‘I Accept’, you consent to, and authorize Agremarket to process or share User Information collected from you with partner Lenders and relevant Third Parties for

  • availing the Credit Facility,and
  • for purposes outlined under these Credit Facility Terms. You acknowledge that your provision of Aadhaar details is purely voluntary, and you may provide other identification documents such as any other two ID & address proof. You will not be denied any service by Agremarket merely for the reason of not submitting Aadhaar details. You consent to, and authorise Agremarket to act as your authorised representative in order to receive your credit information from authorised credit bureaus to provide services to you, including but not limited to the provision of support services associated with the Credit Facility. Agremarket will not share your credit information with any Third Party. The User will also be required to provide additional consents and authorisations to partner Lenders under the Loan Agreement and agrees that any processing of User Information by partner Lenders will be pursuant to
    said consent.

Grievance Redressal

In case of any complaints or grievances with regard to the Credit Facility availed from partner Lenders, you may reach out to your partner Lender for assistance as per details

given in their Borrower Agreement. You may also contact Agremarket at rajiv@Agremarket.com or on telephone 080-35018270

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